Majestic Aged Care Services Covid-19 Response

We want to reassure our clients and the residents that we have taken the necessary action to respond to this unprecedented and challenging event that has engulfed our industry.

The wellbeing of our staff, and their families is at the forefront of our concerns and we have taken the necessary action to ensure that people are as safe as possible.

Our policy and procedures are in line with best practice, which include stricter processes that what have been provided by the Department of Health where possible.

Whilst some people have the privilege to work from home, the majority of our staff do not.  Our staff turn up ready to work with a smile on their face. They are all dedicated individuals who have never refused to go to work and they turn up effortlessly, and ‘no’ is not a word in their vocabulary.

Our staff have participated in endless education on Covid-19 responses as well as Infection Control and Prevention, and they go above and beyond what is expected of them on a daily basis. We appreciate all their efforts during this pandemic and cannot express enough the importance of their roles to each and every resident and staff living or working in these aged care facilities.

To our new staff, who have been hired specifically to clean Covid-19 positive facilities to assist organisations that are not our clients – Thank you.

To our entire management team and office staff, you are blessing to us. Your dedication and loyalty to the company is greatly respected and appreciated. Your drive, knowledge and passion for the industry has set and established our team culture and we owe you all our thanks and appreciation. With such great leadership, your support of your teams make the aged care communities safer for the residents. You help drive our vision so that we are not ‘just a cleaning and laundry company’.

Together we have developed our stringent Covid-19 Response Program and our entire team drives it.

To our clients, we will continue to support you in every way we possibly can.

Our COVID-19 Response Program includes:

  • A Covid-19 Safe Plan including Emergency Response
  • Contract Manager’s Covid-19 Response Manual/Guide
  • Staff Covid-19 Response Manual & Guide
  • Ongoing Staff Education on Covid-19 Response and Infection Control and Prevention
  • Access to information for staff via the Majestic Aged Care Services App.
  • Ongoing communication updates via our Staff Rostering App and SMS Platform.
  • Unlimited Access to Contract Managers and the Operations Manager
  • Covid-19 Response Teams have been established.
  • Covid-19 specific Infection Control Kits prepared and based at sites.

COVID-19 Response for Non-Contracted Customers

We have established an emergency Covid-19 Response Plan for Aged Care Facilities who are not a current client.   We are will placed to assist and support you quickly for a confirmed outbreak, and we have measures to assist with a Suspected Covid-19 Outbreak.

We encourage you to contact us in advance so that we are part of your emergency response program