Our systems and processes have been designed to improve the quality and consistency of cleaning and laundry, and reduce each facility’s risk of infectious outbreaks and the spread of germs. At the same time, we have simplified reporting compliance, and enhance the environment for residents, their representatives, the staff and the community as a whole.

Evidence based stringent Outbreak Management systems and processes are in place in the case of an outbreak to support facilities to counteract and minimise the spread. This reduces the prevalence of residents acquiring preventable residential aged care associated infections.

When notified of an outbreak or potential outbreak additional precautions are implemented immediately. The particular outbreak management policy and procedure is activated to counteract and reduce the risk of further spread of infection.

Cleaning and Laundry staff are required to follow the instructions and guidelines in the Outbreak Manual and sign off on tasks as they are completed to verify all action taken to support the facility team to minimise the risk of further spread.