Management and supervision are a critical component in maintaining excellent service levels and providing a 100% service guarantee. As our Contract Managers oversee a maximum of 10 aged care facilities we are able to provide a level of supervision that is much higher than is generally provided in the industry.

A Leading Hand Role (on Site Supervisor) is established at each facility to ensure that there is always a direct point of contact for any concerns or issues that need addressing promptly.

Additional training is provided to this role to ensure continuity of service delivery and enables facility management to have a direct liaison on site.

We select our staff to suit our values and objectives and our staff take pride in their work to provide the highest service. Regular staff are maintained at facilities for consistency of service and to provide comfort and safety for the residents.

Our employees wear clean, clearly identifiable uniforms to assist with hygiene, building security and to project a professional image for your residents and their families. On request; we are happy for our staff to wear the uniform of the aged care service at our cost.

Employee performance is continuously monitored and regular inspections of your site are conducted. We are just a phone call away if you have any concerns and action will be taken quickly and effectively.