Digital Transformation – ERP Software and RFID Program

If the last 18 months depict what the next 18 months will look like then now is a better time than ever to re-evaluate company strategies and direction. At Majestic we have adopted a new business model to support our business flexibility, cost control and efficiency since Covid-19. Digital transformation has been the key to revolutionising our business for the future.

Aged Care organisations are being forced to reconsider their entire business structure at the moment as they are being hit with new waves of change –  Just as they finish  implementing once change … they are hit with the next; … the new Serious Incident Reporting Scheme, changes to the Restraint Management Program, Covid 19 Vaccine obligations and not to mention the possible roll out of the new Australian National Aged Care Classification – AN-ACC model that could have a significant impact on funding and budgets.

Never before has there been such pressure on Procurement Managers to do more with less with the future of procurement changing due to the unprecedented change and disruption that keeps occurring due to Covid-19 and other impacts causing procurement leaders to re-evaluate their strategies.

The funding arrangements for the sector come April 2022 are currently unknown, and some facilities are being pushed to review their budgets and the associated costs that come with ancillary services, giving stronger consideration to the need to outsource services like cleaning and laundry that were previously performed in house.

To support the changes in the industry and the identification that a lot more providers are choosing to outsource their resources, we are looking into better ways to harness new technologies to become more resilient and agile in the future. This in turn reduces our production and servicing costs that in turn assists to keep our costs down for our clients. Not to mention our program design that ensures transparently with costings.

Our goal is to have long lasting relationships with our clients by keeping costs down without compromising on quality with the Customer Experience being above all else.

Our innovative digital platform is expanding to better engage both our customers and staff on the digital transformational journey and we aim to be an industry leader with the digital change that we are implementing.

Transparency and ease of access is gained via the Majestic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Program.  Via the client facility portal, Facility Managers and Procurement Managers will have the ability to access all of their information with ease. All audits, corrective action reports, staff education, periodical cleans, KPI Reports will be available on demand along with other information.

To further innovate and expand on our digital platform we are working on some exciting projects that will be released in 2022 and one of these is the introduction of our RFID Program for laundries.