Majestic Cleaning Services use a flat mopping system with interchangeable microfibre cloths, and use microfibre cloths for most other cleaning. But why are we so sure that microfibre makes such a difference to the quality of cleaning?

Microfibre is a man-made fibre consisting of polyester and polyamide fibres which are split down to even smaller fibres, about 1/16th the thickness of a human hair. The polyester’s abrasive properties help to scrub effectively, while the polyamide has excellent absorbency. Because the fibres are so small they more effectively clean pores and crevices, compared to cotton mops and cloths which cannot effectively get into the smaller cracks and spaces.

Additionally, the microfibre has a positive electric charge as a result of the manufacturing process to split the fibres. When used dry, this positive charge attracts the dust particles and they tend to stick to it, whereas with a conventional cloth they are likely to fall off it.

However, because these mops and cloths absorb so much of the grease, grime, and contaminants, it’s critical that they be thoroughly disinfected between uses. We therefore use the highest grade of microfibre cloth impregnated with silver, which has anti-bacterial properties, and durable enough to withstand laundering at temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius. We only use each cloth on one area before placing it in a lockable bin and replacing it with a fresh microfibre cloth to clean the next area.

Microfibre also requires considerably less water and cleaning solution than conventional mops, resulting in reduced drying time, less spillage, and reduced OHS concerns.

Whilst microfibre has a higher initial cost, it is clearly the best choice in any environment where health and safety is paramount.