We provide Australia’s highest standard of cleaning for high risk care facilities with the fully Integrated Interclean Microfibre Program.

Our processes ensure that contaminants, bacteria, and therefore illnesses, are not passed on by the cleaner from one room to the next. With our microfibre system, you never use a mop and bucket that could carry germs from room to room, A clean Microfibre cover is used for each new room and floors are mopped with pre-soaked clean solution.

This reduces the risk of cross contamination as it eliminates custodial mopping techniques where used solution is shared amongst areas.

We have developed a holistic, quality driven, accountable method of maintaining the highest cleaning standards and reducing infectious incidences.

Our Infection Control Program is integrated into the Quality and Occupational Health and Safety System at each individual facility in line with the services policy and procedures.

Our systemic approach to infection control has developed a program that is designed to:

  • Provide a safe environment for residents, staff and visitors
  • Prevent transmission of infection in the facility
  • Maintain the knowledge of cleaning and laundry staff on all aspects of infection control
  • Plan and develop policies, procedures and continuous improvement activities for ongoing review and evaluation of work practices and techniques.
  • Promote safe work practices.
  • Promptly manage and eliminate outbreaks.

We constantly promote, educate and support our staff to provide safe, high quality cleaning and laundry services at all times that are in line with best practice. Staff are instructed and understand their infection prevention and control responsibilities from the initial orientation program and regularly thereafter.