Majestic’s Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy outlines our vision to put people’s wellbeing first.

We take our responsibility to build a strong, inclusive society seriously and are committed to making a difference to make the world a better place.

Majestic has a range of activities that we undertake and we work collaboratively with our clients to build a strong, resilient, unbiassed alliance.

Our commitment to you is that we will;

  • Conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.
  • Protect the environment and the safety of people.
  • Support Human Rights
  • Support the communities and the cultures which we work with.

Precautionary environmental and social principles are adapted in our decision making that includes but is not limited to the reduction of water consumption, paper use, the incorporation of recycled goods in our supply chain, efficient fleet transportation, the use of energy efficient equipment and the giving back to people as a whole through our social responsibility.

We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint and we communicate this in all of our actions which includes our policy, daily practice and program design.

Our staffs working conditions are enhanced as we are always looking at ways to improve the outcome for staff.  We uphold human rights, diversity, fair labour practices, health and safety, philanthropy, work life balance and empowerment to promote a positive work culture that works in collaboration with the aged care facility team.

Culture diversity, employment opportunities and career advancements for people from low minority groups is enhanced and cultural stereotypes are confronted both within and outside of our organisation.

Meaningful social relationships with our clients and older people are encouraged to promote involvement and a sustainable future for the community of the residential facility.

Action is taken accordingly and ongoingly to:

  • Reduce energy related costs;
  • Attract new customers and increase sales;
  • Boost workforce morale and innovation and to;
  • Reduce the societal impact of carbon footprint and the amount of toxins that are released into the atmosphere;

Majestic will continue to collaborate and work strategically to improve our systems, the aged care community and services to older people by tailoring solutions to our clients’ needs.

‘We will always focus on long term positive outcomes and have gratitude for the life to come’