We provide Australia’s highest standard of cleaning for high risk care facilities using the fully integrated Interclean Microfibre Program. This ensures standard infection control precautions are taken at all times to keep your residents safe. Contaminants, bacteria, and therefore illnesses, are not passed on by the cleaner from one room to the next as equipment is single use.

Conventional mopping techniques require the custodial staff to change the cleaning solution after mopping every four to five rooms. With the Microfibre Mopping System, the microfiber pad is changed after every room, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination. All equipment is pre-soaked using scientifically tested dosages to minimise chemical wastage and to ensure that surfaces are appropriately cleaned. The need for large buckets of solution is eliminated and chemical wastage is minimised.

Studies have shown that our system can reduce the amount of water and chemicals used by up to 95%. Work place injuries are also reduced by eliminating the need for solution buckets and the wringing of mop heads, injuries and worker’s compensation claims may potentially be reduced. Most importantly, residents are kept safe reducing the risk of potential slip hazards.

Our cleaning schedules are designed to ensure minimal interruption to your business providing you with the freedom to focus on the other essential elements of running the aged care facilities.