We take a proactive approach to health and safety and are continuously looking for ways to improve our program. We are committed to our health and safety obligation to provide a safe environment for our employees and the residential aged care community.

Current state and territory specific Work Health and Safety/Occupational Health and Safety (WHS/OHS) Policy and Procedures are in effect, ensuring that we integrate health and safety into all aspects of our activities. Our WHS/OHS program demonstrates our commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment that helps prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

The Health and Safety Program is introduced into the facility during the contract implementation phase in collaboration with each facility prior to the contract start date to create an individualised program. The implementation and maintenance of the program ensures the systematic management of health and safety matters and the elimination or control of risk.

The program is maintained with our stringent auditing and inspection program where areas of concern are identified before they become an issue. The support of our staff and the facility is an integral component to the maintenance of our health and safety program. Setting measurable objectives and targets assists with the control of high risk areas, as does the analysis of data.

We are the only company in Australia who use the fully integrated Asepsis Cleaning System. The Asepsis System delivers the highest safety standards in Australia and specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of aged care cleaning.

We recognise that cooperation between clients, management and employees is crucial to achieving and maintaining high standards in Occupational Health and Safety. Our systems and processes have been developed to reduce regulatory compliance risks for Aged Care owners and managers.