Audits :

All Audits are conducted via our Majestic Cleaning Audit App and the Laundry Audit App.

As soon as the audit is completed, the Audit Report is automatically generated and a Corrective Action Report is issued to staff to rectify concerns should they arise. Results are forwarded to the Facility Manager on the day that the audit is completed.

Our systematic auditing and reporting program identifies and addresses any deficiencies promptly to maintain a high standard of service.

Our Contract Managers prioritise to assist facilities to maintain a high standard of laundry and cleaning services.

Opportunities to improve are identified through our quality system via the Majestic Services App. Via the app, information is captured promptly and results are forwarded to facility management promptly for staff to rectify.

Photographic evidence is provided with the Corrective Action Reports for education purposes and verification where required.

Our Commitment to excellence ensures that continuous and open communication with clients is maintained to resolve any matters should they arise.

The Audit System consists of other audit topics which include but are not limited to Occupational Health and Safety, The Quality System and the Environment System.