Is your aged care facility cleaning program spreading germs or cleaning?

Is your aged care facility cleaning program spreading germs or cleaning?

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Are you spreading germs from room to room in your aged care facility? You are if your cleaning staff is still using the conventional mopping system. If your staff is wringing dirty mop heads after cleaning one room then moving onto the next, they are actually spreading germs and bacteria to the next room and then the next and the next!

Your cleaning staff is probably transferring dripping dirty mop water from one room to the next putting a repetitive strain on their hands and backs. Have you ever asked yourself how often cleaners are actually changing the water or if the concentration of the chemical to water is correct?

Not to mention that cleaning staff are wasting time and energy as they walk back and forth through the aged care facility emptying and refilling heavy mop buckets from the cleaners’ room.

For over 12 years now, we have been using our microfiber-based cleaning system for that exact reason. We wanted to set up a system that was not only hygienic but one that respected the staff and their health that reduces manual handling risks and ensures that bacteria and contaminants are not transferred from one room to the next reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

We also wanted to use a system that protected the residents of aged care facilities, the facility community and the environment as our system reduces falls risk because the old mopping system takes a longer time to dry and the chemical residue is left on the floor surface, leaving dirt and grime and even shoe marks as people walk on the overly wet floor surface. Over the years, we have witnessed the many benefits of our system, such as a marked reduction in the turnover of outbreaks; improved infection control, zero workplace injuries resulting from the use of cleaning equipment; a rise in overall staff satisfaction; and a reduction in the use of water and chemicals. We have had audit results in accordance with the Hospital Cleaning Standard averaging above 90%.

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