We pride ourselves on our organisational values, and you can expect from us :

Hygienically clean

No matter what your environment, you can rely on us to provide a cleaning service that meets or exceeds all relevant standards, and reduces the possibility of transmission of illness and bacteria.


We deliver a consistent, reliable, and thorough cleaning and laundry service according to industry best practice, respond to your queries promptly, and regularly audit and review the delivery of our services to you.


You can expect our staff to be polite and courteous at all times. Our employees will assist all staff and residents when requested and endeavor to complement the workings and demands of your facility. This is a core value we strive to always attain in the selection of our staff, and the culture of our company.


We are committed to delivering great value to our clients. We believe that a quality service priced appropriately creates a win/win situation for our clients and to our long-term future.