Can you afford to take a risk with Standard 5?

No one can argue that the New Accreditation Standards are causing a whirlwind effect in the industry but at the end of the day there are better outcomes for residents, the residents have greater choice with the flexibility to change their minds and respect for dignity of risk enables them to have greater satisfaction in life.

The industry is facing financial challenges more than ever before with a sizable proportion of residential aged care providers making a loss. It is understandable that some facilities ongoing viability is questionable. Organisations are constantly looking at ways to cut costs so that they remain sustainable in the aged care sector.

At the same time, competition amongst providers is increasing and residents and their families know more about their rights and the services that are available and this is only increasing. We are always listening to people make comments like “Just imagine what we will be like when we go into aged care!”

With this financial burden in mind and the fear or a coronavirus outbreak, facilities need to look at their bottom dollar more than ever before! We ask when was the last time that you looked at the value for money that you are receiving from your Cleaning or Laundry Contractors?

Have you looked at the additional costs on your invoices?

What if you received a cleaning and laundry service that was all inclusive and included your periodical cleans like steam cleaning of carpets, cleaning of upholstery chairs and the scrubbing of floors throughout the year! What if your invoice amount was the same from month to month and the Cleaning Standard exceeded your expectation?

Value for money and true commitment are the cornerstone of our successful relationships. Facility Managers do not have time to manage the cleaning and laundry staff, they are busy caring for people and for looking after the well being of their staff.

This is where we step in to make the ultimate difference without compromising on quality of service.

The truth is, can you afford to take a risk with Standard 5?